venerdì 6 settembre 2013

Warhammer Dark elf…

E sicuro la prossima armata di warhammer  Fantasy sarà Dei elfi oscuri, devo dire che cosi come sembra sarà una bella armata.

“NEW RUMORS for Warhammer Fantasy! My “source” has sent me pictures of the new Dark Elf release. The Dark Elves will be out in October with a slew of new models:

  1. NEW Plastic Dark Elf Warrior Box(Makes Spearmen, swordsmen, & crossbowmen)
  2. NEW PLastic Dark Riders/Warlocks
  3. NEW Plastic Blackguard/Executioners
  4. NEW Plastic Coldone Chariot/Scroungerunner(Pulled by horses)
  5. NEW Plastic Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne(This model is AMAZING)
  6. NEW Plastic Hydra/Kraken
  7. NEW Plastic Witch Elf box

This will be a huge release and the Dark Elves will be the best looking Fantasy army, IMHO. These models are breathe taking and Dark Elf fans will have their minds blown!”

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